Slipstick Bench Gripper

Get a grip

Manufactured from hard-wearing materials, the Slipstick Bench Gripper is a repositionable 70 millimetre disc, coated in a special non-slip rubber compound, which may be placed under objects to provide maximum support and grip. The high-quality ‘Bench Gripper’ from Slipstick, designed in Australia and distributed locally by Timbermate Group, has countless uses.

Applications for the Bench Gripper not only include a non-slip aid for handyman projects in the workshop or home; but also as a levelling support for furniture or commercial machinery.

In the workshop the Bench Gripper may be used by placing discs under pieces of timber or metal to prevent unwanted slippage. Painters may also use the Bench Gripper as ‘painter’s points’, to be positioned beneath freshly painted objects ensuring a minimal-contact platform for unblemished drying.

Alternatively Bench Grippers may also stabilise furniture like beds, entertainment units or workstations, or commercial applications, including machinery stabilisation.

The Bench Gripper is lightweight, washable, and can withstand loads up to 450 kilograms.

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