Smart Wrench from Allwrencher

Smart Wrench, from Allwrencher, is the only professional grade wrench that combines both adjustable and ratcheting functions. The self-adjusting jaw of Smart Wrench is specifically designed with a unique ratcheting-like function to produce maximum torque load.
The wrench clamps on and grips the fastener tighter as a load is applied, leaving no gap between the wrench and the fastener, and thereby eliminate fastener rounding.
The wrench clamps onto the fastener, automatically adjusts itself to the correct size, and grips the fastener extremely tight without slipping. It also provides greater access in tight spaces for automotive technicians and allows for a back and forward motion to speed up tightening or loosening.
The wrench allows for quick and easy actions, and also saves technicians time in checking the fastener size and identifying the correct wrench.
The jaws are made of chrome molybdenum steel and the handle is made of chrome vanadium steel for maximum strength. It is heat treated and electroplated for added durability and aesthetics. For organised storage, the wrench sets also come with a blow mould case.

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