Soudagum Hydro

Soudal Australia recently launched new Soudagum Hydro into its DIY waterproofing range. Soudagum Hydro is a specially developed hybrid waterproof membrane that seals, protects, renovates and repairs, horizontal and vertical substrates and applications against water permeability.

The grey coloured product guarantees an excellent adhesion on many substrates such as concrete, wood, glass, ceramics, copper and more. The watertight coating is applied in two, one millimetre thick layers, which can be reinforced with Soudatextile.

Soudatextile is strongly recommend in combination with Soudagum Hydro to ensure a permanent watertight solution.

Soudagum Hydro is also resistant to chemicals, UV radiation, weather influences, temperature differences (-40°C up to +80°C) and rain resistant within just two hours of application.

Soudagum Hydro is available in a one kilogram, five kilogram and 10 kilogram tub, with the one-kilogram reparation kit containing two sausages of 500 gram Soudagum Hydro, as well as a small bucket, application brush, a small reinforcing non-woven textile band and a pair of protective disposable gloves.

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