Soudal 2 in 1 Contact Adhesive Spray

Soudal recently expanded its range of contact adhesives with the launch of its new 2 in 1 Contact Adhesive Spray.

The new 2 in 1 Contact Adhesive Spray is a ready to use, transparent, user-friendly, universal contact adhesive, available as spray based on synthetic rubber.

The spray has a double use as it may be used for permanent or temporary gluing. When applied single sided, the bond is correctable/repositionable, however when applied double side, the bond is permanent.

Main product benefits include being an easy-to-use, strong and fast application, ideal for small reparations or hobby applications, as well as permanent or temporary gluing for hybrid use.

2 in 1 Contact Adhesive Spray is suitable for bonding a broad range of materials including paper products, felt, cardboard, photos and posters, plastics, metal, wood and timber, porcelain, cork, leather, ceramics, glass and rubber.

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