Soudal Pool Fix

Soudal Pool Fix

Soudal Australia recently added its Pool Fix Sealant and Adhesive, as well as its Green Fix Adhesive to its wide range of products.

Pool Fix is a sealant adhesive designed specifically for repairing mosaic and tiles around swimming pools. Due to its crystal clear formulation, it may be used for invisible bonding and sealing of swimming pool components like skimmers, spot, valves and drains. The product contains ZnP, a biocidal compound that contains fungicide to prevent mould and mildew growth, especially on moist areas around the swimming pool.

Green Fix is also a high quality adhesive especially designed for bonding artificial lawn or turf and on most common materials. It is suitable for bonding seams and outer edges under Australian weather conditions for outdoor and indoor use and is available in green coloured adhesive – matching the artificial lawns.

Trademarked under Soudal’s SMX-Polymer technology, these products guarantee that it has excellent adhesion on nearly all surfaces, even if the surface is damp. The products are also easy to apply and are permanently elastic after curing.

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