Soudal – Strong As Nails

New generation construction adhesives

For many years now construction adhesive products in the market have remained unchanged. The original type were solvent based adhesives, and these have been used since the 1960s in Australia. After that, the latest innovation was solvent free adhesives which were introduced around 20 years ago. These offered greener benefits compared to its solvent based cousins and were much easier to clean up by using just water.

Some of the current products on the market make some very bold claims on their performance. Buzz words such as, ‘fast grab’, ‘max tack’, ‘fast grip’ and ‘instant grab’ are all found on the packaging stating that you do not need to support the adhesive whilst it dries. 

Recently Soudal conducted benchmark tests for the three most commonly available adhesives on the market and compared their ‘grab’ to Soudal’s Strong As Nails Super Grab and Mega Grab. Identical pieces of timber were bonded onto the wall with equal amounts of adhesive and only the two Soudal adhesives remained – the other three slipped off instantly. This proves you cannot always believe what is on the packaging, but with Soudal you can. 

The video can be seen online: 

On July 1 this year, Soudal launched an innovative range of construction adhesives that offer features and benefits unseen in the Australian market. There are four unique characteristics that the new Strong As Nails range offers. These include:

• Super Grab and Mega Grab cartridges made from 100 per cent recycled material.
• Fix It and Super Grab are both available in Grab and Go packs which are buckets of 20 cartridges. Both the bucket and lid are also made from 100 per cent recycled material.
• Fix It Plus and Mega Grab are the first construction adhesive to have Fibre-reinforcing, that offers increased end strength.
• Mega Grab is the first construction adhesive with 300 kilograms per metre squared instant grab which makes it ideal for bonding extra heavy materials.

The Strong As Nails range has the following four products available:

Fix It – a solvent based multipurpose adhesive.

Fix It Plus – a solvent based construction adhesive with fibre reinforcing for increased end strength and faster drying time, so bonded materials are hand tight in only 20 minutes.

Super Grab – a solvent free adhesive with high initial tack of 140 kilograms per metre squared which allows heavy materials to be bonded without additional support.

Mega Grab – a solvent free adhesive with very high initial tack of 300 kilograms per metre squared and the added benefit of having fibre reinforcing for increased end strength. 


The Strong As Nails range will be available through leading independent retailers across Australia. Starting from July 1, the Soudal On-Site demonstration van began a roadshow covering many parts of the country. Live demonstrations will be shown. To know where the van will be, check out Soudal Australia’s social media sites.