Soudal Ultra Repair Adhesive

Soudal has recently rebranded its Fix ALL Ultra 20 millilitres to a new and improved formula, Ultra Repair Adhesive.

The upgraded product is a single component, universal adhesive based on a concentrated SMX Hybrid Polymer, which is ideal for bonding and repairing many materials. It stays extremely flexible, solvent free, adheres on almost all materials and is 100 per cent waterproof for indoor and outdoor applications.

Ultra Repair Adhesive boasts a particularly strong transparent formula, with fast strength build allowing the product to be stressed after just 1.5 hours.

With a filling capacity that adheres to many surfaces, Ultra Repair Adhesive is a solvent free and odourless formula that is permanently elastic after curing.

Just some of its bonding capabilities include rubber, leather, plastics, glass, polycarbonate, porcelain, pottery and even gemstones.

Available in a 20-millilitre squeeze tube, the improved formulation of Ultra Repair Adhesive is not only stronger, but also has a longer open time.

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