Spectrum storage

Help your customers maximise space within the home by utilising clever storage ideas from Spectrum. Just some of the storage ideas Spectrum has recently released onto the market include over the shelf dividers, which are ideal for straightening piles of bulky towels and liners. Made from sturdy steel with a chrome finish, the dividers easily slide over most solid shelves and are available in two sizes.
Spectrum’s hanger holder also allows garments to be hung out of the way and are perfect for allowing wet items to dry while keeping them wrinkle free. This is because its unique circle design allows for multiple hangers to be placed inside each loop and when not in use, storage may be optimised by simply folding the arm away.
Spectrum’s Tie and Belt Rack, as well as its accessory loop or organiser, are both smart contemporary designs that allow for the storage of ties, belts and scarves in one convenient space.

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