Steel Blue work boots

Steel Blue is dedicated to providing the most comfortable work boots available by utilising the latest technology. The boots are now similar in quality and flexibility to high performance sports shoes. With the option of a no safety toe cap, super light and super flexible, these boots are perfect for landscapers, architects and anyone else who needs style and comfort from their boots. Steel Blue boots are not only water-resistant, sleek and comfortable, but with every purchase of Southern Cross Blue Boots, Steel Blue donates $10 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and beyondblue.
Designed with cowhide water-resistant Nubuck leather, stitched nylon thread, non-corrosive lacing and lined with soft, non-abrasive Baltico, the boots are designed to be flexible while remaining heavy duty. Steel Blue boots are also designed with anti-static properties, offering a level of protection against ignition hazards and are also chemical resistant, offering resistance to caustic soda and sulphuric acid. The nitrile outsole withstands extremely high temperatures, with a super-tough steel plate preventing sharp objects penetrating the sole.

Steel Blue
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