Sterling Ultimax Tape Measures

Sterling is excited to unveil the new Sterling Ultimax and Ultimax Pro tape measures; tapes with features to make the job easier.

Through rigorous product testing and development, Sterling has managed to keep the strengths of its tried and trusted tapes, while adding ground-breaking features to elevate the tapes to a market leading position.

Users can enjoy optimised legibility with Easyread technology, an innovation exclusive to Sterling Ultimax. Perfect for any application when the blade is away from the user, the Easyread tape is quickly gaining acceptance and becoming a must have amongst tradies and home handymen alike. Clear millimetre markings and double-sided blade printing with horizontal and vertical print options make it virtually impossible to misread measurements, even at a distance.

Sterling Ultimax tapes will stand the test of time with a unique protective blade coating and an added blade protection on the first 200mm to prevent wear on the most used part of the tape.

The Sterling Ultimax Pro tapes are a powerhouse of strength boasting an extended standout of around three metres together with an exclusive and strong end hook to keep ‘true zero’.

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