Sunstate Cement OneCem GP

Sunstate Cement is committed to providing high quality cement products across the commercial and retail markets and has successfully been doing so for the last 35 years. In order to stay ahead of market expectations and to expand its current product offering, Sunstate has launched its new brand, OneCem. 

OneCem GP, in plastic, is Sunstate’s highly valued general-purpose cement, packaged using state of the art form-fill-seal plastic technology, creating a weatherproof barrier between the product and the elements. 

The unique packaging does not have a spout but is heat sealed across both ends of the bag during the filling process. The completely sealed bag then offers customers the freedom to store unopened product outdoors in all seasons without risking product loss from rain or moisture build up. The sealed bag reduces dust and product leakage and also has greater tear resistance compared to paper and can even extend the product shelf life. 

The OneCem brand is the perfect extension of Sunstate’s bagged product offering and compliments the OneMix range of pre-mixed concrete products, which are also available in the same form-fill-seal weatherproof packaging. 

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