Takasho VegTrug Herb Planter

VegTrug, the original, self-contained, raised vegetable garden company has launched a new concept into Australia appropriately named the VegTrug Herb Garden.

The sturdy herb planter is made of durable cedar wood, coloured in VegTrug’s new ‘grey wash’ finish, creating both a practical and attractive plant display of herbs and/or flowers.

Ideal for a small garden, patio or balcony, the easy-to-assemble planter is at an ideal height, allowing the user to easily-harvest herbs without needing to crouch down or compromise their posture.

Pre-formed liners and a herb divider included with the planter are useful additions that keep the herbs in separate pockets and the soil healthy and well aerated too.

Additional features of the VegTrug Herb Planter include:

• Foot covers to protect wood
• Useful storage shelf
• Food safe, no harmful chemicals used
• Position anywhere in the garden, patio or balcony
• Keeps produce away from slugs and animals

For more information visit: www.takasho.com.au

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