Taubmans All Weather® Exterior

Withstand the forces of nature

Taubmans recently introduced All Weather® Exterior onto the market, a new formulation of its best-selling exterior paint to increase performance and withstand even the strongest forces of nature.

With innovation at the forefront since its inception in 1899, Taubmans continues to lead the charge with products that stand the test of time in the harshest of weather conditions, according to the company.

Australia experiences some of the most extreme and diverse weather conditions in the world with high temperatures and UV indexes, wild winds, heat waves, droughts and flooding. Now, more than ever, Australian exterior paints need to be the hardest working to cope with the harsh climates and forces of nature, according to Taubmans.

Taubmans’ Advanced Nanoguard® Technology is a unique interlocking molecular structure forming All Weather® Exterior’s strong protective shield.

All Weather® Exterior includes the introduction of Taubmans revolutionary Advanced Nanoguard® Technology, a unique interlocking molecular structure that forms a strong protective shield to allow the surface to be cleaned without compromising the paint finish. In an Australian first, Taubmans has also introduced revolutionary new UV inhibitors to prolong the life of the paint and reduce the instances of chalking due to sun damage.
Taubmans All Weather® Exterior benefits include:
• Maximum hiding power.
• Self-priming.
• Water resistant.
• Mould and fungal protection.
• Dirt resistance.
• Will not blister or crack.
• Tannin stain resistance.

The biggest challenge, in Australia, is developing products that stand up to the many variable weather extremes across the country, according to PPG Paint Expert, Matt Browell.

“Consumers are searching for a paint that delivers the full package: strong protection against UV damage to keep surfaces looking newer for longer, quick and easy to apply, fights mould and mildew, easy to clean, water and dirt resistant, all backed by the peace of mind that comes with a long guarantee.”

“With its new formulation, Taubmans All Weather® Exterior provides a range of benefits that allow the coating to outlast other brands and keep any exterior fresher for longer. Its excellent coverage means the painting only requires two coats, allowing a quicker and easier application, whilst reducing the quantity of paint required,” Mr Browell said.

Taubmans DIY and Renovation Expert, Cherie Barber, agrees that picking the best-performing exterior paint is absolutely critical for every house as a first line of defence against Australia’s crazy weather extremes.

“The Lifetime Guarantee that comes with the All Weather® Exterior is piece-of-mind in a can for homeowners. It is also likely to be the most visible colour choice. All Weather® Exterior can be tinted to thousands of Taubmans colours, meaning users no longer need to compromise on functionality in favour of exterior aesthetics – especially handy given Australians’ increasingly bold exterior colour choices,” Ms Barber said.

The new Taubmans All Weather® Exterior is available in low sheen, matt, gloss and semi-gloss. All backed by Taubmans Lifetime Guarantee, users can rest assured their home is ready to withstand whatever nature throws at them with Taubmans All Weather® Exterior.

Taubmans has been painting Australian homes since 1899 and offers innovative and revolutionary technologies such as the new Taubmans Endure® with Advanced Nanoguard® Technology, Living Proof Silk with Teflon® and Easycoat with Microban®.

New Taubmans All Weather® Exterior is available in low sheen, matt, gloss and semi-gloss.