The Yale Unity Entrance Lock

The next-generation of digital locking

Digital locks are continuing to become a ‘must have’ in residential homes, according to ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Australia. 

With the digital space growing at a rapid rate, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Australia has not only considered what consumers need in the current market, but have also developed a platform that integrates the digital future of the home. 

The Yale Unity Entrance Lock, controlled by the Yale Access App, is one innovative lock that is paving the way for residential digital locks and providing peace of mind for users who know their belongings and loved ones are safe – no matter where they are in the world, according to the company.

The Yale Unity Entrance Lock features digital deadlocking (secure mode) which locks doors from both inside and outside. Not only suitable for new installs, the Yale Unity Entrance Lock also retrofits to common residential door footprints and is certified to the highest security and durability levels, as per the Australian Standard AS4145.2.2008 SL8 and D8.  

The Yale Unity Entrance Lock is 100 per cent key free and available for connectivity using the Yale Access App. Featuring a secondary access option through the use of an RFID ‘Contactless Key’ – both options provide the ability to lock the door with locking modes displayed via LED indicators on the lock – green (unlocked), yellow (locked) and red (secured). Additional accessories include: 

  • Yale Connect Bridge – Allows WIFI connection to locks and the ability to remotely access locks.
  • Yale Smart Keypad – Allows Bluetooth PIN code access to the lock.

The Yale Access App is the next-generation in the smart device ecosystem, according to ASSA ABLOY, because the lock allows users to monitor activity on who is entering and exiting the home around the clock. Using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and geo-fencing technology, the Yale Access App has the ability to allow users to auto-unlock the front door as they arrive home. 

Users may also grant access to guests and set access schedules such as ‘always’, ‘recurring’ and ‘temporary’ settings. Yale Access is also a great solution for the shared accommodation sector, featuring the function to grant shared access for a period of time. For example, if someone is staying at a holiday home, users can set their access to be active between set dates.

Paired with the Yale Connect Bridge, users can instantly allow entry for friends, family and home services such as cleaners or trades, even when users are not at home. The Yale Access App is also supported on most Android and iOS smart phones and with the Connect Bridge, works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit and Samsung SmartThings. 

Also available is the Yale Access Kit for the Yale Assure Lock series, providing the option to upgrade the Yale Assure Lock onto the Yale Access App solution and its features and functions.