Thermacell Mini Halo Repeller

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Halo Repeller fends off summer mozzies

With more and more consumers concerned about applying topical repellents, they instead preferring to use repellents that create a barrier, according to Thermacell Australia Insect Control Expert, Daniel Jaegers.

Thermacell Mini Halo Repeller is a butane-fuelled device that uses a heat-activated, repellent infused mat to drive away mosquitoes providing a 21-metre square zone of protection and is a life saver for outdoor lovers. With no messy sprays, oily lotions or open flame, it is perfect for when entertaining outdoors, picnicking in the park, or campsite fun. 

Thermacell Bristol Mosquito Repellent Lantern is also a two-in-one mosquito repeller and light, that operate independently or together, with the lighting powered by LEDs. Light and portable, it’s ideal for a patio, backyard or when gardening, camping or fishing. Like the Thermacell Mini Halo Repeller, it works by creating a 21-metre square zone of protection effectively repelling mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects. 

Both products bring a multi-faceted mosquito repelling strategy with a few natural favourites, that provides functionality as well as atmosphere, with more high-tech options proving protection and portability.

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