Topcon RL-SV2S Construction Laser

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Topcon’s latest construction laser-RL-SV2S is a multi-grade, self-levelling instrument designed with several multi-use features.

For use on any general construction or engineering project, the RL-SV2S has an operating range of 800m (diameter) and the power to cover even the biggest job sites.

The laser can also be used for machine control applications, as well as horizontal, single grade, dual grade or vertical job applications. Sloping up to +/-15 degrees on either the X or Y axis, RL-SV2S is designed to provide contractors with versatility, as it may be turned on its side and used for layout and alignment.

Designed to give the contractor increased efficiency on the job, the laser boasts many features including a long battery life (100 hours/alkaline and 60 hours/rechargeable Ni/MH), automatic height of instrument alert and electronic shutters. Features may be accessed on the front control panel or on a remote control device which comes standard. The remote radio controller has the same interface as the RL-SV2S, offering immediate familiarity to the user.

The RL-SV2S features industry-leading environment proofing including a water/dustproof rating of IP66 and operating temperatures from -20C to +50C. Designed with large ergonomic handles, the RL-SV2S is extremely rugged, and is designed to resist the bangs and bumps that inevitably occur on job sites.

The RL-SV2S follows in a long line of superior quality lasers from Topcon, at an economical price and contractors are sure to realise the value of the instrument by its versatility and time savings.

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