Uniden App Cam Solo 4G PT

Wire free cellular outdoor camera from Uniden 

Keep watch over valuable property without relying on Wi-Fi or mains power with the Uniden App Cam Solo 4G PT security camera. The Uniden camera is specifically designed for use in remote locations including farms, on campervans and boat moorings, as well as worksites.  The weatherproof, full HD 1080p camera has an ultra-wide viewing angle, and pan and tilt design up to 355 degrees. 

Users simply connect to the cellular network via a Nano SIM card, allowing the Uniden App Cam Solo 4G PT to be installed and operated in areas where a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable. 

The app enabled smart security camera can be moved remotely via the dedicated Uniden app to easily cover all angles; with the benefit of horizontal and vertical movement. 

The solar panel recharges the App Cam Solo 4G PT battery providing non-stop power during daylight hours, allowing footage to be recorded without the risk of draining the battery.

The camera also features Thermo Sense Technology – a smart heat sensor that eliminates false notifications caused by benign movement from surrounding trees or branches. A siren alert can also be activated to deter and startle unwanted visitors. 

Uniden Australia
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