VegTrug, the original, self-contained, raised vegetable planter, is now available in medium, small and mini versions. The innovative planter is specially designed to offer a practical solution for the age-old gardening problem of aching joints and bad backs as it stands at an accessible working height, which eliminates the need for kneeling or bending. Its unique ‘v’ shape also provides perfect, easy wheelchair or seating access for elderly or disabled users.
Ideal for terraces or balconies, VegTrugs provide an attractive feature and maximise space in small gardens whilst providing neat, clean areas for growing anything from herbs to strawberries to salads and even root crops. Whilst they are extremely popular with older generations of gardeners due to their various health benefits, VegTrugs are now considered something of a style statement, making them highly sought after by novice, casual and city gardeners.
An extremely durable range of products, VegTrugs come with purpose built, fitted membrane liners and a range of added extras including greenhouse frame and cover, insect protection mesh, fleece and shade covers which increases the gardener’s success in growing healthy vegetables and herbs.

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