Ventus Plug & Play system

Makes installing automated windows and doors a breeze

An innovative range of easy-to-use window and door automation hardware can often remove the need for electricians during the installation process, helping to reduce costs and dedicated man hours.

The award winning Ventus Plug & Play system, designed by Doric, includes a simple range of wireless controllers, switches and motors that can control up to eight windows and doors.

The Ventus Plug & Play range creates efficiencies in residential and commercial building and renovation projects, according to Doric Product Manager, Niels Verhaar.

“The advanced 24 volt system is installed via quick connect plugs and is capable of operating louvres and electric chain winders at the same time,” Mr Verhaar said.

Encourages sustainability

The range is designed specifically to assist builders in meeting legislation and consumer demand for more sustainable buildings. It is perfectly suited for the creation of automated windows that provide better passive ventilation, temperature control and stand-alone sensors that allow the units to close during high wind, rain or dark. The range may also be coupled to an air conditioning unit, and close windows when users turn on the air conditioning. 

“The ability to control a property’s environment without the need for artificial heating or cooling has become a priority for builders,” Mr Verhaar said. 

“The Ventus Plug & Play range allows builders to create windows in high, out of reach positions that can be opened at the touch of a button to let heat escape as it rises, or closed to stop the cold getting in,” he said.

The Ventus Plug & Play system also allows the architect to specify a system that the fabricator can install, commission, and automate windows with ease. Now the window fabricator does not need to outsource this often-complex part of the window system, and maintains control over the result while the sales revenue stays with the window fabricator or supplier.

Adaptable design

The design of the range allows it to be retro fitted to any opening or frame system on the market and is also simple to install. 

“The system fills the void in the automation market, between the building management systems and the itemised auto products, serving as a perfect stand-alone control system,” Mr Verhaar said.

“The Ventus chain winders are also a perfect solution for a one in and one out repair scenario if old winders have stopped working. Our motors can even be operated by CBUS, BMS and other controllers,” he said.

In a snapshot, the Doric Ventus Plug & Play system’s advantages include:
• No electrician required for installation.
• Easy to follow colour charts.
• Simple combination wiring plans.
• Quick connect plugs.
• Configurations can be easily altered on the spot by simple disconnections.
• Retrofit to any opening.
• Wireless wall switches and remotes.
• Three-year warranty (conditions apply).

“The Ventus Plug & Play system is the perfect solution to create beautiful, automated homes that fall in line with current sustainability trends, all while reducing the need for expert trades, costs and man hours,” Mr Verhaar concluded.