Wobble-Tee RolaRain Sprinkler

Wobble-Tee now with wheels

Do your customers often complain that they do not get enough time to complete the projects they want to be working on? Well, the husband-and-wife team that own the Wobble-Tee business feel the same way, which is why they spent their entire time during COVID lockdowns completing a new product that they have been working on for over five years.

While it is fair to question why Wobble-Tee would make a newer model when the original Wobble-Tee has been so popular and successful, Wobble-Tee has a good explanation. The Wobble-Tee Sprinkler was originally designed as a domestic sprinkler to be used on the lawn in the backyard. It has also been utilised in so many other situations that are outside its original design concept.

This is why Wobble-Tee has created the new RolaRain Sprinkler, a tougher design that is more suited to farming applications, sporting fields and industrial use.

The outstanding feature of its wheels allows the central part of the sprinkler base and fittings to rise off the ground slightly when being pulled along so it stops the sprinkler base scuffing the grass surface. It also reduces wear on the hose and sprinkler fittings from rubbing against the ground.

The other advantage of the bright orange wheels is they are more visible, especially in longer grass, so livestock and people can see them more easily.

The RolaRain Sprinkler performance is very similar to the Wobble-Tee Sprinkler so it can be operated together on the same hose. More than one RolaRain may also be connected to the hose and join together in a line with a flow-through connection on each base. The internal filter is also larger than the Wobble-Tee’s filter so it allows the water to flow straight through to the next sprinkler.

The Top-Tee wobbling sprinkler head on the Wobble-Tee Sprinkler is interchangeable with the new tough flexible Gel-Top XL wobbling sprinkler head on the new RolaRain Sprinkler. These will also be available separately through hardware outlets.

Each RolaRain sprinkler comes with 12-millimetre and 18-millimetre snap-on hose adaptors for those running multiple sprinklers and needing more flow.

The new RolaRain Sprinkler shows the most even distribution of water was at low pressure – around 100KPA or 14psi. This pressure can be estimated without the use of a pressure gauge by simply watching and listening to the RolaRain Sprinkler. 

When the tap is turned on too much, the sprinkler droplets are fine and misting is visible. The sprinkler also makes a swishing sound that users can easily hear. When turning down the tap pressure eliminates the misting and produces larger droplets and the sprinkler becomes almost silent. This golden feature provides the best operating pressure with even distribution and a very water-efficient operation of the RolaRain Sprinkler.

Each RolaRain Sprinkler is economically packaged unassembled with easy-to-understand instructions. Helpful hints and performance data is also on the box to assist your customers with their watering requirements.