WORX 20V Work Light

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WORX 20V Work Light illuminates workspaces

For completing home renovations, working onsite or simply adding more light to ensure the perfect result, the WORX 20V Work Light is the answer to all workspace lighting problems.

Users can now enjoy the freedom of the 20v Work Light’s 360° rotatable function and easily transfer light from the ground, handheld, hanging on the wall or tree, or install onto a tripod.

The High-Capacity 20V MaxLithium battery provides cordless convenience to go anywhere, without sacrificing performance. The Powershare® 20V battery is sold separately but interchangeable with other WORX tools, allowing users to quickly and easily switch batteries between tools.

The WORX 20V Work Light is fitted with BridgeLux chips 20-Watt LED light delivering 1500+ Lumens high-intensity light. Along with high-performance tempered glass, this light has a durable design with sturdy aluminium roll housing for a stylish addition to every workspace.

Whether users are working on the back deck at night, on the engine of a car in a badly lit garage or painting a room with inadequate lighting, the WORX 20V Work Light is the answer.

For more information visit: www.worx.com


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