WORX 220W Sheet Finishing Sander

Practicality, safety and ease of use are always at the fore when it comes to WORX tools, and the 220W Sheet Finishing Sander is no exception.
Boasting a large orbital radius, the Sheet Finishing Sander uses variable speeds for high debris removal on a range of materials. The ability to cover broad distances with a sheet sander can often sacrifice quality and finish. The WORX Sheet Finishing Sander is engineered using an industrial aluminium base for precise flatness and durability, which means consistency, is this super-sanders bread and butter.
A Quick Clamp system makes for fiddle-free sandpaper removal and replacement, and an innovative DustStop micro filter ensures a spotless working space. Effective dust removal means your tools will continue to function at full capacity as dust and debris won’t clog up the moving parts.
Weighing in at just two kilograms, the Sheet Finishing Sander is easily operated for lengthy periods without causing fatigue. The ergonomically designed soft grip handle is gentle on the hands and ensures an impressive level of finesse and control.

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