Product Focus: Bosch Blue’s Power Ready Wireless Charging

Bosch Blue’s Power Ready Wireless Charging

This year Bosch Blue is changing the game and leading the charge, with its world first Power Ready Wireless Charging Technology.
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Introduced into the Australian market in May, new technology for cordless Li-Ion power tools is expected to revolutionise the way tradies work, giving them the flexibility to charge their batteries in between tasks, without disconnecting it from the tool. Charging tools is now as simple as putting the tool down.

Bosch Blue Power Ready Wireless Charging Technology not only removes the need to store and use multiple sets of partially charged batteries, but also eliminates the worry of tradies stressing if a battery will get them through a task.

Whilst all Bosch batteries feature an LED charge indicator, the need to check it will be a thing of the past. Tradies Australia wide will be able to pick up a tool with confidence, knowing it’s always charged and power ready.

How does it work?

The industry revolutionising technology is based on the concept of inductive charging’ and is similar to the technology being integrated into smart watches and stovetops. When the charging station is plugged in and a compatible wireless battery is placed on it, the charger detects the presence of the battery in under a second and starts emitting a magnetic field. The alternating magnetic field penetrates the battery’s internal copper coil inducing voltage and charging current into the cells, until they are full.

Each charger also features Foreign Object Detection (FOD), which detects any conductive foreign objects placed on the charging pad. If detected, FOD will prevent the charger from turning on until all foreign objects are removed. This eliminates the risk of metallic or conductive materials such as nuts, bolts, washers, or nails from heating up through the charging cycle. The Power Ready Wireless charger not only comes standard with FOD, but is also completely sealed to protect it from dust and moisture, ensuring less risk to the charger and to the user.

Keeping users and batteries safe

While FOD keeps users safe, Power Ready Wireless Charging also ensures the battery is safe. Both the battery and charger are in constant communication throughout the charging process, to ensure a proper charge and prolonged battery life. The wireless charging battery also comes equipped with CoolPack technology which also protects the battery from overheating, overdrawing, deep discharge and extends the battery’s lifetime by up to 100 per cent.

For the modern day tradie, Power Ready Wireless Charging does not just transform battery and charging technology, it reshapes workflow and power management.

Eliminate downtime

Bosch Blue’s Power Ready Wireless Charging provides an effortless solution to downtime caused by empty batteries. For the work station or production line, tools can simply be placed on the charging pad between tasks, fuelling the battery whilst still on the tool and eliminating the need for multiple batteries or down time due to battery change over.

Also to be launched this year is Bosch Blue’s Wireless Charging Technology, which will give tradies the ability to conveniently charge the new wireless batteries on the go, while driving in between job sites. More information will be released on this new technology soon.

Components of the Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System include:

  • The GBA 18V 2.0Ah MW-C is a compact 18V Li-Ion 2.0Ah battery that combines the advantages of wireless charging with Bosch battery technology. This battery has a charge-level indicator and is equipped with Bosch Cool Pack technology, which improves heat dissipation and extends battery life by up to 100 per cent. High-efficiency cells help users maximize productivity on the job by delivering 65 percent more runtime versus 1.5 Ah packs. As part of the Bosch’s Flexible Power System, the battery is compatible with all Bosch 18V power tools and chargers.
  • Wireless Charger will charge the GBA 18V 2.0Ah MW-C 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes and 100 percent in 50 minutes (from empty). It features charge status indicator lights for easy recognition.
  • The charging frame is included with all Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System kits, and is designed to mount the charger to workbenches, shelves or side walls, and serves as a flexible and secure holder for the battery or tool and battery (on horizontal surface).

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