Quality remains imperative in ‘paint and accessories’ market

Quality remains imperative in ‘paint and accessories’ market

Haymes Paint Export and New Business Manager, Matt Haymes, recently said that one of his leading values is continuing to deliver a top-quality product and service, as an independent, family run business.

“Our father David Haymes once said, ‘We never take shortcuts with quality’. This is referring to both our products and service. This is because it is his family’s name, and reputation that is on the paint can,” Mr Haymes said during a recent interview with AHJ.

“Quality is imperative, however nowadays this is also expected by consumers. The Haymes Paint business is incredible, and we have almost 200 families working around the country. Haymes Paint is their business as much as it is our family’s,” he said.

While Haymes Paint’s market share has increased steadily throughout the 16/17 financial year, the family run business also proudly reported that this increase has continued throughout the cooler months.

“We now have significant business throughout the northern states where the weather is perfect for painting now. It is because of this that we do not have the large summer and winter peaks and troughs in sales that we once did,” he said.

“Bunnings does continue to dominate retail paint sales, and now has around a 70 per cent market share. In saying this, we continue to offer our family-owned paint specialist and independent hardware partners an Australian family owned brand of paint that is exclusive to them, and not in corporate hardware,” he said.

Competition in the market
It seems that while the paint market in Australia remains very mature, growth in the architectural and decorative market segment remains flat, according to Mr Haymes.

“It is for this reason that growth for all manufacturers can only really be achieved through increasing their existing market share or winning customers from competitors,” Mr Haymes said.

“Price and heavy competition is ever present, however the paint industry is far from unique in this regard. We just have to do the business basics better than our competitors. Being family owned and focused solely on our distribution channels, we can be nimbler than the big three, and more responsive to our customer’s needs.”

“Speaking of which, Wattyl and Solver have been under American ownership for many years – Valspar. They now have a new master with the recent acquisition of Valspar by USA giant, Sherwin Williams. We wait to see if they employ in Australia similar strategies to those they have in North America,” he said.

For now, Haymes will be focusing on spreading the word on its new tagline, ‘Australia’s first family paint’ through on-going advertising and marketing support.

“This reinforces our unique position in the industry of being a long standing, credible, Australian family owned business that produces quality paint,” he said.

Evolving ranges
Haymes Paint has continued to evolve its product range in order to be a single source coatings supplier in architectural and decorative, woodcare, industrial and protective, render and texture ranges.

In the past eight months, Haymes Paint has also successfully relaunched its Ultra Interior Paint.

“The product, Expressions Interior, recently underwent a major upgrade to maintain its industry leading performance. While upholding the exceptional coverage of the paint, it is now complemented with a seven-year mould and mildew protection guarantee, which is also supported by strong performance in areas of washability and stain resistance in the Low VOC formula,” he said.

“Our Simply Woodcare range has also received range additions in the form of Rapid Prep and non-slip finishes. Firstly, Rapid Prep is an innovative timber preparation product that allows coating of finishes to be applied to new/unweathered timber, aft er Rapid Prep has been used.”

“The launch of our non-slip timber products was also designed as a solution to the building compliance standards, particularly with areas such as stairs, ramps and landings required to comply with accredited slip ratings. It is for this reason that the Haymes Simply Woodcare range includes premixed interior products, along with an additive that may be used in the key interior and exterior flooring and decking products. These are also compliant to the P4/R11 slip rating,” Mr Haymes said.

European market advances through digitalisation and multifunctional coatings
End-user preferences and regulatory requirements are driving new growth in the European paints and coatings market, according to Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Science team.

Growth in the overseas market continues to pick up pace,
with end-user preferences and regulatory requirements shifting the market towards disruptive technologies such as big data and
multifunctional/smart coatings. This is also compelling coating companies to move beyond product manufacturing and become total solution providers.

“The development of smart/multifunctional coating systems and technologies, such as self-healing and anti-corrosion coatings, are presenting tremendous growth and high-value opportunities for coating companies across specific industrial and infrastructural sectors including manufacturing and oil and gas,” Visionary Science Industry Director, Dr Brian Balmer said.

From a regional perspective, end users in Western Europe are also demanding high performance and sustainable solutions, while customers in the Eastern European countries are more price-sensitive and prefer relatively standard and cheaper solutions.

Other trends and developments driving growth in the European paints and coatings market include:
• Architectural coatings continue to be the biggest industry segment, with powder coatings the fastest growing sub-segment, due to the benefits it provides companies in terms of application costs, productivity and reduced rejection rates.
• Partnerships between original equipment manufacturers and insurance companies are also set to boost opportunities in the European automotive coatings segment.
• Better durability and versatility of polyurethane-dispersions (PUD) will also propel demand for indoor paints, wood flooring, exterior cladding, and roof coatings.

“The European paints and coatings market is still fragmented, with a large number of regionally strong manufacturers. This provides an opportunity for larger participants to merge with, or acquire, regionally stronger players to expand customer base, build scale of operations, or acquire new technology solutions,” Dr Balmer said.

Frost & Sullivan is a Growth Partnership Company, which works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses global challenges and related growth opportunities.

Dulux Design Tour winners announced
Dulux recently announced the chosen five recipients of its design tour scholarship, Dulux DIAlogue on Tour, delivered in collaboration with the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) and the Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ).

Now in its second year, Dulux DIAlogue on Tour is an expedition exclusive to DIA and DINZ members across Australia and New Zealand, which gives five design professionals the opportunity to travel to London and Stockholm for an enlightening education from European and Scandinavian design talent.

The five Dulux DIAlogue on Tour winners are:
1. Adele Winteridge, Foolscap Studio – Australia
2. Ben Edwards, Studio Edwards – Australia
3. Melissa Reid, Group GSA – Australia
4. Miriam Fanning, Mim Design – Australia
5. Rufus Knight, Knight Associates – New Zealand

Travelling to the two capitals in September, the winners will engage in open dialogue with their hosts, sharing ideas and viewpoints, and showcasing the talent coming out of Australia and New Zealand.

For Richard Hansen, General Manager of Trade for Dulux, the tour looks to provide winners with new inspiration to reinvigorate their own design style and career.

“We’re delighted to be continuing the Dulux DIAlogue Tour for its second consecutive year and to see that, once again, the calibre of entrants has been truly exceptional. The tour is a valuable opportunity for design talent from across Australia and New Zealand to be part of an inspiring cross-pollination of ideas that will undoubtedly bring new perspective and ambition to their future work,” he said.

“DIA and DINZ are key institutions shaping the future of design in their respective countries. We hope the Dulux DIAlogue Tour will only reinforce their importance for our industry and support them in continuing to attract a growing cohort of influential designers,” Mr Hansen said.

All applicants were required to hold a current DIA or DINZ membership to be eligible to enter the contest. To enter, they answered a series of questions on their own design philosophy and inspiration, and provided commentary on how they would benefit from the opportunity.

For more information on the 2017 Dulux DIAlogue on Tour, visit https://www.dulux.com.au/specifi er/services-andprograms/dialogue-on-tour