Sealant removal made easy with Soudal

Sealant removal made easy with Soudal

Soudal’s popular sealant remover is specially formulated to remove not only old cured sealants, but also fresh un-cured sealants. The ready to use, fast-working spray is based on terpenes for removing all types of sealants including: silicones, hybrid polymer, polyurethane, butyl mastics, acrylics, etc. It may also be applied to most surfaces, including aluminium, metal, ceramic, tiles, glass, coatings, laminated board, paint and certain plastics.ImageHandler
Designed with a wide spray nozzle and precision straw for accurate use, Soudal Sealant Removal is also ideal for vertical surfaces as it will not drip.
The remover is sprayed directly onto the sealant and only needs 10 minutes to work, before it may be removed with either a dry cloth or Soudal’s easy to use Multi Tool Scraper. This may be used three ways: first for pulling along the joint to cut, second to push into the joint to cut and the third to scrape away residue.

There are 15 products in Soudal’s Technical Spray’s range including:

Multi Spray – an eight in one universal spray with applications that include: rust releaser, lubricant, cleaner, moisture displacer, oil penetrator, corrosion prevention, contact spray and shock spray.

Vaseline Spray – a lubricant and protection spray that prevents corrosion and rust, repels water and has a light lubrication for applications with a limited force for fine mechanical parts and suitable for temperatures up to 150°C.

Silicone Spray – used to lubricate and prevent adhesion based on silicone oil. Also prevents corrosion, has a light lubrication and is suitable as a water repellent.

PTFE Spray – a lubricant with PTFE (Teflon®) additive. PTFE also has the lowest friction coefficient and offers protection to 250°C. Suitable for applications with high pressure and temperature stress for chains, gear transmissions, hinges, etc.

White Grease – a lubricant on white lithium basis with PTFE additive. White Grease has a duo-effect as it sprays as an oil with penetrating characteristics. It also solidifies to a grease with excellent adhesion properties and pressure resistance and is suitable for heavy applications to 120°C. White Grease is water resistant, prevents corrosion and may be used on roller bearings, worm wheels, gear transmissions, etc.

Cleaner & Degreaser – a fast drying industrial cleaner and degreaser removing all uncured sealants, tar, grease, wax, etc. Suitable for cleaning non-porous surfaces prior to applying sealants and maintenance works. May also be used as surface preparation, prior to application of adhesives or sealants.

Multi Cleaner – a universal, water based, cleaning foam that is non-dripping and leaves no residue. Used for removing tar, wax, nicotine, soap remainders and other organic stains. Ideal for cleaning – glass, tiles, mirrors, laminate, interior of cars, textile, carpet, office material etc.

Brake Cleaner – a powerful fast drying cleaner for brakes and clutch parts, and also removes excess brake fluid, oil, dirt, etc. It also prevents squeaking brakes, slipping of the clutch and is non-corrosive.

Adhesive Remover – a transparent solvent mixture based on acetone, which is a powerful degreaser and cleaner for metal substrates. Removes fresh adhesive remainders and is also suitable for cleaning of brushes and glue spreaders. Removes old cured adhesives, as well as fresh un-cured adhesives.

Degrip All – a penetrating oil with a rust releasing effect to release rusted and oxidized bolds, screws and parts or motors. Penetrates in narrow spaces due to its low surface tension and is a fast working penetrating lubricant for seized nuts, bolts or motors.

Contact Spray – cleaning and maintenace spray for electric contacts that releases dirt and oxides resulting in better contact. Also acts as a water-repellent to prevent malfunction and leakage current due to moisture intrusion.

Cutting Oil – a high-quality oil that prevents overheating of metals during cutting and drilling, while remaining non-corrosive. Reduces cutting resistance and mechanical stress on the cutting tool and is to be used during drilling, milling, sawing, rasping, screw thread tapping, lathing, polishing, etc.

Zinc Spray Matt and Shiny – high-quality zinc spray for cold galvanising of untreated metals. Designed for the repair of damaged galvanised surfaces and offers protection to corrosion due to cathode effect.