Serious screws for serious trades

Serious screws for serious trades

On job sites across the country, trade end users continue to opt for screw fasteners that deliver high levels of time efficiency and durability over traditional fastening options. In response to the growth in demand for high performance fasteners, ITW Proline has launched a new range of screw fasteners under the Buildex® brand.

Serious screws for serious trades
The new Buildex® range consists of screws designed specifically for more challenging timber and metal-based applications. Highlights of the new range include Landscaping and Timber Construction Screws, designed for exterior and framing applications; Metal Series 500 SuperTeks® screws, which are industry-acclaimed for thick metal and steel fixing, and Roof-Lok® Cyclone Assembly Roof Zips®, which are designed specifically for fixing both corrugated and square rib roof profiles.

Versatility in fastening heavy timber
Bolts and coach screws used in timber applications require the process of predrilling, which increases installation time. Both the new Buildex® Landscaping Screws and Timber Construction Screws are self-drilling to significantly reduce time and frustration. These 18 gauge screws consist of an enlarged shank, providing greater strength, while also being equipped with a T40 star drive recess to minimise cam-out and driver bit slippage. All features are engineered to make light work of structural jobs that require thicker gauge screws for additional performance.

While most timber screws are only available up to 200mm, the Buildex® Landscaping Screws are available in four extra-long sizes, ranging from 150mm to 300mm, while the Buildex® Timber Construction Screws are an ideal substitute for coach screws in post supports, bracket reinforcement and gate fitting applications.

Effective steel fasteners
Metal fixing screws have drill capacity limitations particularly when used in thick steel purlin and hot rolled steel. Buildex® Metal Series 500 SuperTeks® screws serve as a versatile all-purpose fastener, for thick metal fixing, with a drill capacity of up to 12mm. Featuring a long cutting flute, the screw drills, taps and fastens into steel, in one simple operation, while ensuring maximum pull-out strength and a high strip torque. The hexagon head ensures positive socket engagement, which is ideal when working at heights, with applications including signs, pipe and cable saddles, brackets and fire protection equipment. The screws are also available with a seal for a watertight finish, required for roofing and plumbing applications.

Roofing screw innovation
The new Buildex® Roof-Lok® is a game changer. It is not only compliant with Cyclonic Building Standards for high wind and cyclonic areas, its recommended by roofers as an all-in-one solution for structurally critical applications of both corrugated and square rib roof profiles.

The Zip® point delivers easy installation into timber and metal batten, while its Shankguard® feature prevents the scratching and scouring of the screw shank during installation. The large contact area dramatically improves the ability to hold down roofs, while the large 19mm EPDM seal prevents water entry. Buildex® Roof-Lok® provides a superior fastening solution that turns the roof into a firm, long-standing shield.

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