Spring set to boost fasteners & building supplies

Spring set to  boost fasteners & building supplies

The popularity of outdoor living spaces has made the decking market one of the most dynamic in the hardware industry, according to ITW Proline, who recently reported that this trend has given professional deck builders, tradies, and DIY’ers more options in terms of material and fastener choices.

ITW Proline also reported that the preference towards wider hardwood decking boards continues to grow and is driven by its unique and distinct appearance and unmatched durability. Through deeper understanding of end user requirements, ITW Proline intends to continue to develop superior and user friendly deck fastener solutions, in the near future, which are also designed to better meet application requirements.

 Latest innovations
According to ITW Proline, wider decking boards are more prone to movement and cupping, which increases the pressures placed on the fastener that secures the board to the joist. These increased forces have the potential to result in the failure of smaller gauge screws shortly after installation. This is just one reason why ITW Proline has launched the latest development to its decking screw range offer – the Buildex XL Head Decking Screw – which has been specifically designed for fastening wider decking boards. Buildex has designed the new decking screw with an XL Head and 12 gauge body to resist these forces, offering a stronger and more secure deck structure.
This versatile screw is manufactured from 304 Grade stainless steel, providing corrosion protection and enhanced aesthetics. The XL Head and 12 gauge body offers a visible and high strength fixing for fastening decking boards to timber joists and is available in 50mm and 65mm lengths and in pack formats of 50 and 250.
Based on deeper insights regarding end user requirements, ITW Proline has also developed and launched a number of innovative fastener solutions including:

Buildex Dec-King – Steel Self-Drilling Decking Screws: The new self-drilling decking screw designed specifically for fastening timber decking to steel joists. It has a unique screw thread profile designed for fixing steel joists between 1.2mm and 3.5mm thick, while its wing design opens up the hole when drilling into timber, making it quicker and easier to install. It also has a self-drilling Tek Point, so no need to pre-drill or countersink.

Buildex Construction Screw: Built for the more demanding project, this screw is designed and engineered to deliver superior speed, strength and performance when fastening heavy timbers. This superior range of fasteners deliver improved speed of installation, superior clamping force, and drawing strength making them the ideal high strength fastener for timber to timber applications. The construction screw is also ideal for outdoor timber applications.

Ramset Universal Anchor: Universal Anchors are an innovative and patented solution, suitable for fixing to stone, concrete, solid brick, hollow wall and hollow brick substrates. Universal Anchors work in one of two ways: by expanding when applied in solid materials, or by twisting in a knot when applied in a hollow substrate. The Universal Anchor delivers strong holding power fit for universal applications; it can hold up to 7-11 kilograms in hollow wall substrates, and up to 26-32 kilograms in solid substrates.

Ramset UltraFix Plus Kit: The UltraFix Plus is a proven commercial chemical anchoring system, now available in a DIY pack. It is a multi-purpose polyester adhesive for anchoring threaded studs and starter bars to hollow brick and hollow block substrates. It is formulated using high performance, marine grade resin and is fast dispensing with fast cure for high productivity.

 Choosing quality over price
Consumers have become more discerning when it comes to fastener selection, with many continuing to select quality over price, according to Bremick National Retail Sales Manager Rod Bran.
“It seems functionality, ease of use and corrosion protections are big factors for consumers when specifying and selecting fasteners,” he said.
The fastener category will continue to evolve with the building industry and continual innovation will be paramount when it comes to screw point engineering and coating technology, according to Mr Bran.
“The category will continue to be one of the most important within a hardware store in terms of margin and turnover.  With our research and development department, our NATA accredited laboratory and our company owned factories we will always remain well ahead of the game,” he said.
Just in time for spring, Bremick has launched its ‘Bremick decking guide for Spring’ promotion.
“Using in-store theatre and vibrant point of sale, Bremick has created a focal point, both at the primary point of sale and off locations, with particular attention paid to key popular decking screws,” Mr Bran said.
For now though, the fasteners category remains split between trade and retail with these lines being clearly drawn through the evolution of the Australian hardware market, according to Mr Bran.
With a strong industrial heritage and a wealth of retail experience, Bremick is well positioned to partner with key players in both segments, he said.