SupaBord’s breathable design

SupaBord’s breathable design

supabord-3-rolls_webTimber floors add warmth, elegance and texture to rooms that enhance the entire home. However, the installation of timber floors requires traditional skilled craftsmanship using modern technology to protect floors for traditional and contemporary spaces.

Due to a high demand in protecting clients’ custom-made, expensive flooring during construction, SupaBord was developed by Bord Industries, which is a joint venture between prominent timber flooring manufacturers and one of China’s largest paper mills.

The partnership came about after it was found timber floors that are unable to breathe during the curing process, often resulted in uneven finishes, discoloration of coatings and also patchiness. This then lead to reworking of the floor, which not only increases labour and material costs, but also reduces profits and causes delays in project delivery.

Exclusive design
The exclusive breathable design of SupaBord allows vapour and moisture to evaporate, permitting the natural curing process of timber floors to take place whilst also being protected from damage and spills. This successful balance allows floor coatings to cure and dry, and also allows tile grout to seal, cure and dry. All while ensuring the floor remains protected.

supabord 1_webSupaBord is a safe, non-slip durable working surface. It contains a unique 60-hour spill resist technology that repels liquid spillage to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace, making it safe to walk on, even when wet.

At around one millimetre thickness, SupaBord is the toughest surface protection on the market. Due to its unique fibre composition, SupaBord is flexible yet durable, while also handling most construction traffic, including heavier traffic such as forklifts.

Made from recycled materials
SupaBord is made from 100 per cent recycled material, turning unwanted industrial waste into a usable product that assists in reducing the carbon footprint and ecological impact for construction and renovation projects.

While remaining environmentally friendly, SupaBord can be reused again and again, saving money while also reducing construction waste.

SupaBord may also be easily folded, so that it may suit stair trends and rises. This is a handy alternative particularly when considering that smaller unique flooring surfaces, such as stairs, can often be damaged on the construction site.

SupaBord uses the latest technology to provide a perfect balance of vapour permeability, durability and strength. With the ability to withstand the demands of construction traffic, SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection has become the brand of choice for trade contractors worldwide.

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