Tenaru launches three market ‘game changers’

Tenaru launches three market ‘game changers’

Tenaru has recently launched three game changing products onto the Australian paint and accessory market, which are set to shake up more than just the paint segment.

Tenaru Managing Director, Brian Hamilton, recently spoke exclusively to AHJ on the launch of the three new brands, with one product completely new to the global paint market.

Nix Colour Sensors

The first pocket colour scanner, the Nix Colour Sensor, was recently launched nationally throughout September, which allows users to achieve paint colour selection easily and conveniently. The ‘one-of-a-kind’ sensor is not only affordable but is a portable and digital solution, easily guiding customers through the paint colour selection process.

However, it is not just the convenient pocket size of the colour scanner that has gained attention; it is also the new technology that comes with the scanner that allows the users to scan any wall, fabric, furniture or item of their choice, and connect via Bluetooth to a free app. The app may be downloaded on either a smartphone or tablet and used to match colours with any paint supplier on the Australian market.

Mr Hamilton said while there are other paint scanners on the market, the Nix Colour Sensor’s point of difference is its compact size, combined with a colour match accuracy not yet seen on the global paint and accessory market.

“There are larger colour scanners on the market called spectrophotometers, which are used when customers go into a store. The Nix Colour Sensor is unique because it is very small, portable and robust. Current scanners in paint shops also need to be recalibrated every time they are used, but the Nix does not need recalibrating which adds to its usability,” Mr Hamilton said.

Retailers are leveraging the technology not only for in-store consultations, but to also market to contractors who want to offer a unique service to their customers in their own homes. 

Currently the Nix Colour Sensor is very popular with painters and designers, retailing for around just $180, which is an impressive price point considering a larger in-store spectrophotometer can be priced up to $3000,” Mr Hamilton said.

“It allows designers, DIYers or painters to scan any object within a home, from cushions, to sofas, then suggest colour schemes to go with the item. You can also scan a wall, to tell you which colour to repaint the wall to redecorate.”

“Tenaru is currently running a deal with retailers that if they buy 10 Nix Sensors, they receive one free of charge for their customers to use, along with an information stand explaining how easy and accessible they are to use. I know some stores have already sold five or six in a week, because they are so unique and easy to use,” he said.

Preval Sprayer 

The Preval Sprayer from Tenaru is designed to turn any paint into spray paint.

Tenaru has also just launched the Preval Sprayer onto the market, which is designed to turn any paint into spray paint. Users simply fill the detachable jar with their paint of choice, reattach to the sprayer, and then spray hard to reach places or use for small projects. 

While the unique sprayer has already circulated throughout the US and automotive shops for many years, Tenaru plans to now market the product to professional painters, as well as the DIY market.

“We are getting the Preval Sprayer out there in a bigger way than ever before, by marketing it to different customers. It is quite a unique product because you can spray any paint of any kind through the sprayer. The Preval atomises it, so users can touch up walls or use it for a hobby,” Mr Hamilton said.

“This product is for absolutely anybody and it repairs any surface very easily without the brush marks. A lot of painters use the sprayer for awkward bits but it can also be used by decorative, trade and DIY users as well. It is a unique product because there is not much on the market that has the useability this has. You literally just put a bit of the paint in the jar and off you go. Very easy to use by anyone for anything,” he said.

Trimaco, a complete solution for jobsite protection

Tenaru recently launched Trimaco jobsite protection as a ‘one stop shop’ for all DIY or building projects.

Designed as a protection ‘one stop shop’ for all DIY or building projects, Tenaru has also recently launched Trimaco flooring protection, giving contractors multiple options to ensure they stand out to their customers, on any job, big or small. Trimaco is an American company which has already grown in the US and European markets, but is new to the Australian market.

“If you have a nice carpet and you want to redecorate your lounge, the Trimaco range includes products such as ‘Butyl Drop Cloths’, which are 100 per cent waterproof and are rubber backed. There is also the option of using the ‘X Paper’, which is builder’s paper at the lower end of the spectrum, or the ‘X Board’ at the higher end of the spectrum, to protect floors. There is some very new technology included in the range, with the ‘One Tough Cloths’, which boast innovations such as drying shoes within three steps of walking into a job. Or the ‘Floor Guard’ which is a machine that quickly wraps a cover around a tradie’s shoes before they walk into a job. All products allow tradies to up their game in the market,” he said.

Marketing plan

While Mr Hamilton agrees marketing the three new products will see a focus on the products’ useability, it is also about targeting consumers who wish to purchase products that save time on the job.

“Everyone is so busy these days, so if the message gets out there that a product will assist a tradie in completing a job more efficiently, then the right message is being sent,” he said.

“Furthermore, consumers are cash rich but time poor. They have the money to work on their homes, but often they may only have Saturday morning to do it. Consumers will put their hand in their pocket for some of these products if it helps them achieve a task more quickly. The Nix Scanner is definitely one of these products because it makes life easier and prevents DIYers having to scratch paint off a wall to try to colour match it.”

“Trimaco, and the Nix Colour Sensors also make the tradie look more professional. If a painter turns up to do a quote and he uses the foot wrapper or the dirt trapper before entering a home to clean his boots, then the customer knows the tradie is going to take more pride in their work.”

“This also goes for our Mirka sanding solutions as well, which allow for dust free sanding. I know tradies are providing additional quotes that integrate the dust free sanding system and customers love having that option. So, there is definitely an element where the better tradies are upping their game and using products such as these,” he said. 

To grow and evolve in the paint and accessories market, it is about having a point of difference, according to Mr Hamilton, who said this is particularly the case when it comes to brushes and applicators.

“Tenaru has also recently become an exclusive distributor in Australia for brands such as Harris, which is a big European brush and applicator company. Harris has a huge heritage in this specialist market and, through world leading research can design tools for example, that are light and easy to use so users do not suffer from repetitive strain injuries. I think when these products arrive in Australia, it will wake a few people up,” Mr Hamilton said.

For now, Mr Hamilton said he is looking forward to the months leading up to Christmas which is when the paint market really starts to take off.

“It is around this time of the year that consumers start to prepare for Christmas functions as well as and outdoor entertaining, which is why November and December are definitely our biggest months of the year. Everyone wants everything done for Christmas. The weather is improving, and we have already seen an uplift in business.”

“It is during this time that we will continue to promote products that make the job quicker, easier and more professional for our customers. It really is all about innovation for us and distributing premium brands,” Mr Hamilton said.