The VUE ahead is Aussie Made with VUETRADE

by | Jan 18, 2024

Bellevue Group is an Australian-owned manufacturer and wholesale supplier with a proud history of providing the Australian market with high-quality products, specifically designed to suit Australian conditions, since 1988 when Bellevue Group was formed. VUETRADE was later created in 2011 to focus on the timber connector product range.

VUETRADE - for the builder.

“At VUETRADE we are extremely proud to use our Victoria-based manufacturing facility to offer an ever-growing range of Australian Made products to our partners across the country,” James Renshaw, Head of Marketing for VUETRADE said.

Mr Renshaw says that manufacturing products locally benefits both VUETRADE and their customers.

“We generally find that once a customer has used our Australian Made products, they remain loyal to them and do not want to use anything else. The guarantee of quality and availability gives the builder enormous confidence that the range will allow them to produce the quality of finish the homeowner expects.”

“Our sheet metal products, including joist hangers and multi grips, are manufactured in Ballarat, Victoria. Unique innovations, such as the VUESPIKE on our joist hangers, can be quickly implemented with local manufacturing and mean customers do not want to use anything else.” 

VUETRADE joist hanger

“Local manufacturing helps us to keep close control of our production process, meaning improved product quality and consistency. The proximity of our production facilities also plays a large part in more efficient stock control to make sure our customers have the products they need when they need them.”

Another aspect they consider is the lessened environmental impact of manufacturing closer to home, Mr Renshaw says. The process of importing and shipping products from overseas produces a much larger carbon footprint when compared to having them made in Victoria. 

Not only does local manufacturing benefit the environment, but it also allows VUETRRADE to support local workers.

“It is a privilege to play our part in helping to provide Aussie jobs and supporting the Australian economy. This is why, whenever we bring a new product to market, we always aim to have it produced in Australia,” says Mr Renshaw.

“We are a family-owned business right here in Australia. We partner with local companies where possible, not only with our Australian Made products, but also with document printing, packaging, point of sale, promotional items, and whatever else we can source here. We have a network of excellent Australian partners we have worked with for years and we are always on the lookout for new partners.”

Made locally means high-quality

The teams at VUETRADE manufacturing facilities are experts in what they do. This allows a level of quality control and knowledge of the processes, which means VUETRADE are comfortable that their products add to what is available on the market. 

“Each production batch is checked to ensure it conforms to the product design so that whenever a VUETRADE product is removed from the box to be used on-site, your customers can be sure it is fit for purpose. We also have an in-house testing facility where products are regularly tested against the working loads stated,” says Mr Renshaw.

“Australian manufacturing also means we know exactly what materials are being used to produce each product, removing any question marks that can be present with overseas manufacturing. Quality materials mean quality products and gives us the confidence that VUETRADE products will always be suitable for the tough conditions present across Australia. Having this visibility of the process plays a huge part in our overall company ethos.”

Quality applies, not only to the products that VUETRADE manufactures but also to their business approach and values as a company.

“At VUETRADE we have a defined list of Core Values which are central to the way we operate. These are integrity, teamwork, loyalty, recognition, and positivity. We publish these to make sure we hold ourselves accountable daily.”

“We try to minimise our environmental impact where possible and using local partners plays a massive part in this. Our products, packaging, labels, in-store signage, marketing and technical documentation are all produced locally to help achieve this.”

VUETRADE continues to deliver quality Australian Made products and has more exciting developments coming in 2024 for customers to keep an eye out for.

“One Australian Made product we have recently released is the VUETRADE I-beam hanger range. These multi-purpose hanger brackets are designed to securely connect I-beams and large joists to framing structures. We offer a wide range to suit widths from 40 to 90 millimetres and heights from 200 millimetres to 400 millimetres. Not only are these Australian Made products easy to install, they also meet and exceed Australian Standard AS1720.”

VUETRADE I-beam hanger.

“We have some really exciting new VUETRADE products coming in 2024 so keep an eye out on our social media channels for updates on these. We cannot wait to get some innovative new products out to the Australian market,” Mr Renshaw concluded.