Trio’s new Patriot© double cylinder deadbolt

Trio’s new Patriot© double cylinder deadbolt – protecting Australian families

R23-2606SCP Patriot® Red_interior front angle_LRIn Australia there are currently more than eight million homes that require a ‘deadlock’ function, in order to meet the insurance companies request of ‘deadlocks fitted/installed’.

The vast majority of these eight million homes have a deadbolt fitted that has either one of two functions:

  1. Double cylinder – when locked a double cylinder ‘dead locks in the occupants unless they have a key to unlock the door’.
  2. Single cylinder and turn – addresses the danger of locking one’s family or themselves in the house, but does not meet the insurance requirements and can easily allow potential thieves to remove occupant’s belongings through a door fitted with this lock.

The TRIO Patriot© difference

Trio’s new Patriot Deadbolt addresses both of these issues by carefully considering the installer and the end-user.

When considering the installer, the Patriot Deadbolt may be installed in just three minutes, as its uniquely patented design allows it to be one of the quickest deadbolts to install. It is considerably simpler by virtue of its modular construction, according to Trio’s design team.

The Trio furniture is very simple to work with as both the internal and external furniture are not vulnerable to parts falling out, coming loose and the best part is it is very easy to re-key.

A locksmith can simply loosen two screws to gain access to the cylinder/s, and in just a few seconds can access the lock, without fear of losing critical components.

The Patriot Deadbolt is also designed with a 25 per cent longer bolt projection, ensuring increased security and more door frame engagement.

The length of the throw of the deadbolt has also been brought into line with locksmiths’ requirements by using a geared, over-centre mechanism. This allows for a long throw and a secure bolt position by just a very short, ergonomically sound rotation of the internal turn (or turn of the wrist).

End user benefits

For the end user, the deadbolt can operate in three modes: unlocked, locked and deadlocked. Visual indicators also shows the deadbolt’s mode at a quick glance.

The end-user benefits from a positive indication of the deadlock status in both colour and form. A red status indicator is highly visible as it uniquely ‘breaks’ the profile of the lock furniture, offering a much clearer indication (from farther away) that the lock is deadlocked

The Patriot Deadlock also boasts improved safety as it cannot be accidentally deadlocked by users. The safety lock feature ensures the deadbolt needs to be primed (black indicator) before it can be deadlocked, preventing an accidental lock in. The lock also needs to be primed in order for dead-locking to take place. In this case, the operator always knows the condition of the lock as they have had to take a positive action to deadlock it.

25 year mechanical warranty

Trio has included a 25 year mechanical warranty with the new deadbolt, ensuring it is guaranteed to be free of mechanical defects for a period of 25 years from the date of purchase.

Trio’s Patriot deadbolts are available in three finishes including: brushed satin chrome finish, chrome plated finish and satin chrome pearl finish.

For more information visit: or or phone (08) 8262 5055.