UNi-PRO fresh coat synthetic brushes

UNi-PRO fresh coat synthetic brushes

Unipro-Hanging-brushesUNi-PRO has just released its new range of synthetic brushes aptly named Fresh Coat. As the name suggests, these brushes deliver great performance on most painting tasks, particularly on flat and low sheen painting jobs. Fresh Coat can also be used for gloss, stains, varnishes and decking oils. The brushes’ high gloss white handle really jumps out on the shelf to catch the consumer’s eye in an otherwise crowded retail space.

The brushes’ stainless steel double pinned ferrule will not rust and the unique tapered synthetic filament means the brush has excellent paint pickup and paint holding capacity, minimising the number of dips/loads needed to complete the job. The specific shape and placement of the brushes’ filaments into the ferrule ensures that it also holds and releases paint very evenly to the surface, achieving a consistent, even paint stroke.

The target customer is the serious DIY or professional painter to provide them with a quality brush at a great price. Fresh Coat is also Australia’s first ever reversible and upside down packaging. This uniquely designed packaging ensures brushes can be displayed either through the brush handle, or through the header card. The header card also doubles as brush keeper so the brush can be stored after use. This upside down merchandising concept allows retailers to fit twice as many brushes into a smaller space by increasing the return on stock investment per
square foot.

Fresh Coat has a full range of sizes from 25mm for small touch up jobs, through to the large 88mm for broad surfaces – like weatherboards. A convenient brush stand and merchandising display is also available to increase impulse accessory sales.

UNi-PRO Fresh Coat is exceptional value for money (with an introductory wholesale offer of 72 mixed brushes plus the free display stand selling for $192 + GST). This allows stores to introduce a quality range of synthetic brushes and make substantial margin on these brushes.

For more information or to become a re-seller contact UNi-PRO: (03) 9761 7900 or visit www.unipro.com.au

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