Window restriction simplified with Cowdroy

Window restriction simplified with Cowdroy

Due to an increasing number of children injured in falls from windows and balconies each year, Cowdroy has released a new range of products to make window safety easy.

With new laws around window restrictions in NSW coming into effect on March 13 this year, Cowdroy’s new range is specifically designed to simplify the implementation of window safety devices for homeowners.

Over the past 12 months, Cowdroy has released a series of high quality, window restriction products that aim to fit a huge selection of window types. The range ticks a lot of boxes for Cowroy as it includes the brand’s security stay restrictor for awning windows, double hung window restrictor, narrow sliding window restrictor and the newest edition, the cable window restrictor. The design focus for all four products was around simplicity to install and ease of use for customers.

Cowdroy National Business Manager, Peter Doyle, said the range has been a firm focus for the company for some time and is a worthwhile investment.

“The research and development team at Cowdroy have specifically designed the products for the Australian market and taken each one through independent testing with Azuma design,” Mr Doyle said.

“We have our own R&D department that design and test before we go to market. This is not just something that we have bought overseas and released into the market. We have actually invested a lot of time and money in the development of these products,” he said.

The final product for the range, the cable window restrictor, will be released onto the market next month, ensuring Cowdroy’s restriction solutions will fit almost every type of window.

Mr Doyal said the products are also ideal for rental properties because they can all be retrofitted.

“They are easier to install than a lot of other products on the market. Some products on the market currently require users to drill through the base of the window to install it. The installation of our product is more centred on the frame and the external part of the window, which is a big thing because there is a lot less risk of any damage. It was very important to us for installation to be a logical and easy process for customers.”

“But the single biggest driver behind this whole range is obviously to stop the tragic incidence of children falling from windows – risking possible death – and protect our kids,” he said.

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