Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Glenvale Publications has always respected the information you supply us about you and your organisation. Glenvale Publications asks you to supply limited information and non-sensitive information about you and your organisation for the following reasons:

  1. To send you a magazine.
  2. To occasionally send you promotional material that may be relevant to you.
  3. To create a summary of postcode deliveries for circulation audit purposes.

We do not sell your name and details to any third parties. The only other organisations to see your name are our mailing house Melbourne Mailing 160 Fulham Rd, Fairfield Vic 3078, who print your address details on the magazine mailing wrapper and are bound to us by client confidentiality and Australia Post who deliver your magazine.
Occasionally we may select certain readers of one title to receive an additional title based on their probable level of interest. Under certain circumstances this may be called a secondary or related purpose which is acceptable under the Privacy Act. You need not accept the trial titles and may simply return to sender. If you wish to receive them regularly you will need to complete a subscription form found inside the trial magazine of your choice.
Following the trial we will not send you further magazines if you do not fully complete your subscription details.

We do not collect for, sell or trade your name and details to any third parties. We do not collect your details when you use our magazine or Internet site except where expressly and clearly indicated (a competition for example). Although ‘cookies’ and/or similar technology is built into our computer systems we do not use this technology to collect personal details, however we do keep unidentified statistics on the numbers of specific pages read and details on times and dates of visits and time taken to view internet pages.

Access to information
In the unlikely event we are holding details about you, you may ask to see the details we hold about you but we require twenty-four hours notice. You will be required to identify yourself with acceptable identification and only then receive a photocopy, email or printout of your information without charge during normal office hours. Interstate or international readers, after suitable identification is supplied, can receive their details by email. Under the Privacy Act we are within our rights to refuse to supply information if it is sought in a vexatious manner or is a matter that may be subject to legal jurisdiction or information that is exchanged or collected during the normal activities of business to business transactions.
If you have any queries regarding privacy and the Glenvale Publications magazines or web sites email